Mini-Offices for 1 m² – soundproof Capsula for private work and video calls

6 500€
VAT included
6 500€

Mini-Offices for 1 m² – soundproof Capsula for private work and video calls
VAT included

Single complete set
Capsula has useful accessories:
▪ pen and pencil cup
▪ paper holder
▪ tablet/phone holders
▪ convenient hook to hang backpacks and bags
▪ magnetic wall box with note paper. 2 sets of paper go as a gift.
▪ Faber-Castell branded pens and pencils
Multiport for Electronics
Capsula has an outlet
Also provided for charging:
▪ wireless charger
▪ USB and USB Type-C
You will be able to connect all the devices you need
Smart Management
▪ Вентиляция и свет включаются
при открытии двери автоматически
▪ В капсуле используется целых 3 лазерных датчика присутствия, вы всегда в зоне их охвата и свет не погаснет пока вы внутри
▪ После выхода человека из капсулы воздух полностью прогоняется в турбо режиме 6 раз и обеспечивает свежесть для следующего посетителя
▪ Освещение регулируется по яркости
Desk and Chair
▪Desk is located at a semi-bar height of 100 cm
▪Comfortable chair included
Compact Size
W 1130 х D 1000 х H 2300 мм
*To place Capsula in the center of the office, you can order a glass back wall
for 600€, VAT Included

Capsula has wheels, is easy to move and fix on stationary supports
Capsula выполнена из сертифицированных экологичных материалов, не выделяющих формальдегид
Capsula is made from certified eco-friendly materials that do not emit formaldehyde
▪ Ventilation and lights turn on automatically when the door is opened
▪ There are as many as 3 laser presence sensors, you are always in their coverage area and the lights will not go out while you are inside
▪ After a person leaves Capsula, the air is completely blown through in turbo mode 6 times which provides freshness for the next visitor
▪ Lighting is dimmable
6 500€
VAT Included
Noise reduction and fitting of private offices improves the quality of work:
Improve Employee Efficiency
by 15%
according to BBC,
employees' productivity increases
by 18%
according to steelcase,
Employees work speed increases
As a result, the company's profit increases
Office workers spend 82 minutes a day trying to focus in the noise. Get away from it in Capsula
External distracting conversations and sounds will be heard inside Capsula below the whisper level
Turn Off Office Noise
Для качественной картинки в Capsula предусмотрен особый режим освещения, идентичный кольцевым LED лампам, который позволит выглядеть эффектно в кадре
Capsula is designed for video calls
For a high-quality picture, Capsula has a special lighting mode, identical to LED ring lights, that will make you look spectacular during the video call
Create Spectacular Picture
You can position your tablet
or phone at eye level which will ensure the right angle
Experiments have shown
that most of the carbon dioxide exhaled by a person is retained above the desk

Therefore, Capsula is equipped with additional exhaust diffusers above the desk surface
The air is completely renewed every 35 seconds, or 103 times per hour
Thus, the brain receives the oxygen it needs for work. Forced supply and exhaust ventilation allows you to work for an unlimited number of hours while maintaining an acceptable and comfortable carbon dioxide level in the capsule
Breathe Fresh Air
We deliver Capsulas within 30 days of your order. Delivery and installation are free of charge
We provide a full 1 year warranty
Capsula: W 1130 х D 1000 х H 2300 mm
Capsula can be installed close to the wall. We recommend having 1 meter of space in front of the capsule for free opening of the door. The length of the cord for plugging into an outlet can be from 1.5 to 5 meters. Please be aware that the capsules can be installed close to each other.
We provide a free test drive for 30 days. In case of cancellation of the capsule, although there has not yet been such a case, we will refund 100% of the deposit (the deposit is equal to the cost of the capsule). We take the capsules at our own expense. Your total cost will be 0 €.
Capsula is made from carefully selected natural materials:
✅all materials are environmentally friendly and certified
♻️all materials are recyclable and do not emit formaldehyde

In the production of mini-offices, we use:
❌ no chipboard
❌ no fabrics with harmful dyes
❌ no toxic adhesives
Yes, you can. Forced supply and exhaust ventilation allows you to work for an unlimited number of hours while maintaining an acceptable and comfortable carbon dioxide level in the capsule

When buying ten capsules - you get the eleventh capsule as a gift. That is, when buying, say, 20 capsules, you get 2 for free
Capsula is fireproof and meets all the standards. It has the KM1 fire safety class certificate.
We are the authors, designers and manufacturers of Capsulas
Yes, Capsula connects to a standard 220V socket

Capsula — 22 Wh — standby mode (background illumination)
51 Wh — operation in Capsula
For your convenience, Capsula has wheels
It is designed for at least 10 assembly cycles subject to assembly/disassembly by the installers of our team
There is, for both Capsula and Capsula Duo. We recommend to equip the capsules with a glass wall to be placed in the center of the room. The surcharge for glass for Capsula will be 600€ including VAT, and for Capsula Duo - 1200€ including VAT
It's more profitable to install a Capsula than to build partitions in an open space, because, according to statistics, 40% of the time they are occupied by one person only
Capsula VS Stationary Meeting Room
Capsula is mobile. If you want to, you can move it like furniture
Capsula is assembled and disassembled quickly, in 30 minutes
Capsula has better sound insulation than a conventional meeting room
If you move to a new office, you can take it with you
No dust, noise, debris during installation
It's often cheaper to buy a Capsula than to build a meeting room
Capsula мобильна. При желании
ее можно передвигать, как мебель
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